Logo of SophistiGance, a jewelry and accessorizes brand by AREKU

Welcome to the home of designs by AREKU. SophistiGance, a part of Gance Group




Since 2014, AREKU have been designing jewelry under the brand name SophistiGance, which is also were later aditions to the Gance Group portfolio can trace back their names to.


Beginning with jewelry made of pewter, Gance has since then expanded to also work with 925 silver, leather and wood, always one thing in common:


To use the best materials available to produce the creations of AREKU’s vision for jewelry, accessories and decor.

SophistiGance necklace
AREKU sophistigance jewelry prototyping

Everything at SophistiGance is made “in house”; from idea to finished product.

SophistiGance leatherwork - car key holder and minimalist wallet
Evolution of AREKu SophistiGance Necklaces in pewter and silver
SophistiGance silver chain link bracelet
SophistiGance jewelry on a leather jacket zipper